Friday Magazines: Reaction to NATO Department, Eurovision Song Contest, Stormy Weather

Evening paper Evening News is one of the papers that has provided continued coverage of membership since the president’s joint statement on Thursday and the Prime Minister (SDP) grant application for membership in the Western Union of Finland.

At night, Ilta-Sanomat quoted a report from the press secretary, Jen Psaki said on Thursday that the US administration supports Finland’s and Sweden’s application to join NATO.

"We will support Finnish and Swedish NATO applications if they are submitted. We respect all the decisions they make," Psaki said.

Ilta-Sanomat also reports that Russia’s EU ambassador Vladimir Chizhovtold the British Sky News late Thursday that Finland ‘s aspiration to join NATO means an increase "military technology" Russian operations. In an interview, Chizhov said that this would mean increasing defense capabilities on the Finnish-Russian border. However, this does not necessarily mean sending troops and tanks to the border, for example.

The newspaper also says that in an interview with British UnHerd, Russia’s UN deputy ambassador. Dmitri Poljanski stated that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO would make them enemies and "targets or potential targets". He added that he was amazed that neutral countries were now becoming what he called "part of the enemy" and the associated “defensive and economic” risks.

Jyväskylä-based daily newspaper Central Finland looks at how similar views are reflected in the Russian media.

Looking at the online service of the Russian state-owned 1TV television channel, the magazine tells its audience that NATO is trying to threaten Russia via Finland.

According to the channel’s news site, NATO member states have aggressively influenced Finland’s position by claiming that Finland has no alternatives.

"Russia has an obligation to take both military-technical and other countermeasures to end threats to national security."Russia’s 1TV announced.

Security of supply

The main issue of the Farmers’ Union magazine Future of the countryside examines the Finnish ’s report that NATO membership would improve Finland’s security of supply.

The reporting process was launched after Russia invaded on 24 February. Various parliamentary committees examined changes in the operating and security environment and the effects of the changing security situation on the economy, crisis resilience, security of supply, internal security, cyber security, hybrid impacts and critical infrastructure.

According to the government’s report, NATO membership would improve Finland’s military security of supply and crisis preparedness for society as a whole. It states that Finland must have a sufficient degree of readiness and, if possible, also the necessary self-sufficiency in the most important commodities.

The newspaper states that the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Forestry believes that Finland must be able to provide food for its citizens in all circumstances.

The committee also pointed out that there will be significant regional differences in the effects of the change in the security environment.

These effects will be particularly strong in the provinces on the south-eastern and eastern borders, and the committee expects the obstacles to co-operation between Finland and Russia to have a significant impact on the economy of the border regions.

In addition, the Rural Future writes a report quoting that a change in the security environment could have a negative impact on the region’s Overview, making the eastern border areas no longer seem safe for business investment, tourists and students.

Finland in the Eurovision final

Most newspapers, including Helsingin Sanomat, report that Finland’s entry into Eurovision will be seen and heard in the final in Turin, , on Saturday.

The Rasmus, representing Finland, was the first on stage in Thursday’s semi-finals. And as the magazine notes, the opening performance has not been the best place to collect points from the judges.

However, the Finn survived and will compete on Saturday against Serbia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Australia, Romania, Belgium and the , as well as five Italy, , Germany and the United Kingdom that will make it to the finals. .

HS’s assessment of Finnish participation is that The Rasmus is an authentic big stage rock band with a long history of performing internationally, which will not be embarrassing to watch.

Unstable weekend weather

Iltalehti warns its readers about the rain of the coming weekend.

Forecan meteorologist Jenna Salminen said rain showers are expected on Saturday, especially in the western part of the country and in some places in western Lapland.

Overall, the forecast is variable cloudy, sunshine, but also the possibility of thunderstorms.

On both Friday and Saturday, temperatures in the sunniest areas can rise to 17-18 degrees, with the possibility of up to 19 degrees.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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