Households were urged to prepare for cuts in Russian gas supplies

While fossil gas users, both households and businesses, are reassured that their needs have so far been met, companies in the south-east are urging customers to look for alternative ways to heat their homes if closes the faucet.

Teemu HeinänenHowever, the head of Energy’s energy says no exceptional measures are needed.

For gas-fired households, this means in practice checking the condition of wood-burning stoves or other heating appliances, for example. Last winter’s high gas prices have already taught many users the wisdom of having alternative heating sources.

"The price of rose exceptionally sharply last winter, so many natural gas customers used electric heating systems in a natural gas boiler or heated their homes with fireplaces," explain Arto NikkanenCEO of Energy.

However, gas heating customers are classified as protected customers, which means that electricity companies have a special obligation to secure supplies.

"The aim is to ensure that they have access to natural gas for as long as possible," says Heinänen.

Marko Riipinen, the CEO of KSS Lämpö, ​​which operates mainly in the area, says the same. His company distributes gas for heating nearly 1,000 homes and Hamina Energy a few hundred.

Gas heating in the area is relatively marginal. According to , in 2020, district heating, wood and electricity accounted for 82 per cent of ’s heat. The next most common source was heat pumps, which also run on electricity.

Preparing for next winter

If the availability of gas is significantly disrupted, Gasgrid Finland, which manages the network, would order the power plants to limit their gas supplies. However, the use of natural gas for heating is a priority.

Minister for Economic Affairs of Finland Mika Lintilä (Cen) said in a discussion last week on TV that if Russia cut off gas supplies at the end of May, it would affect Finnish industry more than the end of Russia’s oil imports.

The entire Finnish energy sector is already preparing for next winter. The suspension of gas supplies from Russia is likely to affect the prices of other fuels and electricity.

"Unfortunately, we all need to be prepared for this, including businesses. Energy efficiency and energy savings will be further emphasized in the future," says Nappanen of Lappeenranta Energy.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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