Some hotels in Qatar refuse gay couples ahead of the World Cup report

The country is preparing for the showpiece later this year

An inquiry has reported that some of the hotels on FIFA’s list of recommended accommodations ahead of this year’s Cup in are refusing bookings from same- couples, while others have asked gay couples to refrain from public displays of affection in the country where homosexuality is still illegal.

LGBT groups have expressed concern over the treatment of same-sex couples in the country since Qatar was awarded the rights to host the 2010 , which came as part of a flurry of criticism of FIFA’s decision to nominate a nation that has also met. allegations of violations of the rights of while building the necessary arenas and infrastructure.

But despite FIFA saying that everyone from all walks of life will be welcome in Qatar when the World Cup kicks off in November, a team of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish journalists have published the results of an independent investigation where they found that there is still a high degree of hesitation when it comes to gay couples when it comes to booking accommodation.

The reporters contacted a total of 69 hotels on FIFA’s official list and pretended to be newlyweds and were told by three hotels that their booking would not be accepted.

Twenty others said they would accept the booking but asked them to refrain from any public activity that could indicate that they were gay.

The remaining hotels on FIFA’s list had no problems accepting bookings from same-sex couples, according to the joint report from Norges , Sveriges SVT and Danmarks .

In response to the inquiry, FIFA said they are still convinced that all “necessary measures” will be in place when the World Cup begins in November.

“FIFA is convinced that all necessary measures will be in place for LGBT + supporters so that they, like everyone else, can feel welcome and safe during the championships,” they said.

Qatar’s Supreme Delivery and Heritage Committee (SC), the body responsible for hosting the World Cup, is aware of the results of the report and said that although Qatar is a “conservative country”, they are “committed to delivering inclusive FIFA”. World “Cup experience that is welcoming, safe and accessible to all.”

“More than 100 hotels in Qatar that will receive visiting football fans, players, officials and other key stakeholders will need to follow the Sustainable Purchasing Code,” they told The Sustainable Sourcing Code. News agency Reuters.

As a result, hotel operators that comply with the Sustainable Sourcing Code are monitored and evaluated.

“SC treats all violations of this code or cases of with the utmost seriousness.

“We would welcome further information on these allegations to ensure that all partners linked to the World Cup do not fall below the expected standards.”



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