The court presses an illegal Cannonball cycling gang

The Lahti Court of Southern Finland has decided on a lawsuit to dismantle the motorcycle gang Cannonball. The Päijät-Häme District Court will issue its decision on 8 June.

Prosecutors are demanding the abolition of Cannonball, as the courts have previously considered it a criminal organization.

They also asked for the group to be suspended until the court considers its final decision. However, the district court dismissed the prosecutors’ claim for temporary closure.

According to prosecutors, the main purpose of Cannonball’s activities is to commit crimes. They also demanded that a subsidiary called Squad 32 be closed down, citing the Association Act. Cannonball has previously been identified as an organized criminal group in several court decisions.

Since 2020, the Finnish authorities have disbanded the criminal group United Brotherhood (UB) and the neo-Nazi group called the Nordic Resistance (PVL), although it is feared that forcing them underground would make it more difficult to control their activities.

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Source: The Nordic Page





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