The Digital National Gallery provides a platform for new art experiences

“During the , the use and demand for digital services has increased enormously. The State Art has not had sufficient resources to develop our digital services. Now is the to invest in creating a platform for continued operations in the future,” says Kimmo Levä, Director of the National Gallery.

The three-year program includes a team that develops services for the Web2 environment and prepares for a future where technology enables the Web3 environment. “ excited about this program and open to its possibilities. There are practical services, such as an online ticketing system, that we can start planning right away and hopefully implement soon,” says Johanna Eiramo. “The Web3 environment is new and rapidly changing. We’re exploring it in depth, taking advantage of networking and moving forward thoughtfully. I see great potential in it to create something unprecedented in the arts.”

Source: State Art Museum

Source: The Nordic Page

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