Latest developments in Ukraine: 14 May

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Recent developments in the conflict between and Ukraine. All times EDT:

02:05: The latest intelligence update from Britain’s defense minister focuses on Ukraine’s Kherson region. The Russian-imposed leaders in the region say they will ask Russia to include the region in the Russian Federation, the update said. This is in line with Russia’s original for Ukraine: to put most of it under Russian authority. The update notes that Kherson is the only region with a newly installed pro-Russian local leadership, and it “highlights the failure of Russia’s invasion to make progress towards its political goals in Ukraine.”

01:05: reports that India, the ’s second largest exporter of wheat, has banned all exports of this crop with immediate effect. The New York Times reports that the decision is an attempt to protect India’s food supply and its neighbors. At the same time, wheat prices are rising worldwide due to the conflict in Ukraine.

12:02: The New York Times reports that Ukraine’s public prosecutor has 41 Russian suspects in war crimes. The prosecutor’s is investigating more than 11,000 suspected war crimes.

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