A new era opens: President Niinistö

After the meeting of the President and the Committee of Ministers, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister Sanna Marin held a joint press conference at the Presidential Palace.

At the press conference, President Niinistö emphasized Finland’s right to make its own national security decisions. “The result is a protected Finland that is part of a stable, strong and responsible Nordic country. We both get protection and help protect others in the Baltic region and throughout the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

President Niinistö also pointed out that security is not a zero-sum game. “When we improve and maximize Finland’s security, it is not unlike anyone else – it improves overall security.”

President Niinistö comments on the co-operation between Finland and , quoting the old Swedish saying “Finland is our business”. Now Finland can just as well say that it is up to Sweden, he pointed out.

In response to questions from journalists, President Niinistö explained his telephone conversation with the President Putin calm and said he did not receive threats, although President Putin said Finland’s decision to join NATO was a mistake because Finland had not been threatened. Niinistö also mentioned his conversation with the Turkish president a month ago Erdogan had supported Finland’s NATO application. “I am confused,” Niinistö told reporters, referring to Erdogan’s recent statement in which he opposed the membership of Finland and Sweden because “… there are terrorists in these .” Both Finland and Sweden have a significant Kurdish community, consisting mainly of resettlement refugees imported from , and Turkey. Many of these now Finnish and Swedish citizens are politically active and some support political parties such as the PKK, which are fighting for an independent Kurdish state.

On behalf of the entire government, Prime Minister Marin thanked President Niinistö for his good and seamless co-operation. The Board will next decide on submitting a report to Parliament. foreign minister and the Minister of Defense the press conference continued after President Niinistö and Prime Minister Marin.



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Source: The Nordic Page

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