Finland, Sweden to speed up NATO’s decision to join: German Foreign Minister

[]May 15 (ANI / Sputnik): will accelerate membership applications from Sweden and if they want to join the , German Foreign Minister said on Sunday.

“If their parliament, if their societies decide to join NATO, this will make us even stronger defensively, but also with our values ​​as democratic partners. Therefore, Germany has prepared everything to make a rapid ratification process and Tonight many have also emphasized that it is an important part that there will be no middle ground, a gray area, but if these two countries decide to join, they can join quickly, says Baerbock outside the door. NATO Foreign Ministers in Berlin.

On Thursday, both Finland and Sweden officially confirmed their plans to join NATO. The and Germany have already promised support to the Nordic states if they choose to apply for membership in the alliance. However, expressed concern about Finland’s or Sweden’s accession to NATO due to their “hospitality” towards Kurdish asylum seekers. (ANI / Sputnik)


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