NATO decisions are approaching, everyday on the Ukrainian front and they are paying the price for the shortage of nurses

NATO membership, the decision will soon be made

How will the area be changed by that? Three experts in , Finland and Estonia comment.

The students will soon run out

The first batch of students get to run out after the , it is for many a great joy. The tradition is intact, the student celebration has not changed and will probably not do so due to the pandemic, says ethnologist.

The care is screaming for staff before the summer

The regions bid on each other to attract staff who can this summer. But the staff shortage will still be large. And those who are then prioritized away are groups that cannot make their voices heard, often multi-sick and in need of many different specialties.


  • Security policy reporter on the forthcoming NATO decision

  • The Baltic area within NATO

  • in Afghanistan

  • Student celebration after the pandemic

  • Chronicle by Barrling

  • The panels

Time 2

  • The situation on the battlefield

  • The front town of

  • Staff shortage in healthcare this summer

  • Satire with Public service

  • After Roe v Wade in Oklahoma

  • Causerie

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