Niinistö will meet with US senators in Helsinki on Monday

President Sauli meets with the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell and three other Republican senators in Helsinki on Monday. Others are John Barrasso From Wyoming, Susan Collins Reputation and John Cornyn From Texas.

According to a press release from Niinistö’s office on Sunday afternoon, he and the senators are scheduled to discuss, among other things: "’s security policy solutions, US support for Finland’s membership and Russia’s war ".

The meeting will be held in the opinion of Parliament report on Finland’s accession to NATOwhich was approved by Niinistö and the Committee on Foreign and Security Policy on Sunday.

The visit of the legislators to Finland is hosted by the US Ambassador to Finland Douglas Hickey, who took over the task in early April. As usual at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, he was a politically appointed president, business executive, and former Democrat fundraiser elected by the president. Joe Biden.

The United States will provide support during the transition period

Biden and Niinistö quickly held an agreed meeting at the in March, and they discussed again in a trilogue with the Swedish on Friday. Magdalena Andersson.

At a press conference confirming Finland’s NATO application on Sunday, Niinisto was asked whether the United States had promised security guarantees to support Finland from possible Russian hybrid actions during the months-long NATO application process.

Niinistö said Washington has pledged support in recent months, but Biden had explained that it could not provide binding security guarantees without a separate Senate decision, which would be almost unprecedented.

On Saturday, McConnell and three other GOP senators paid a surprise visit to , where they met with the president Volodymyr Zelensky. In 2020, McConnell led Republicans to release the president on charges after he was accused of withholding approved aid in an attempt to blackmail Zelensky for his own political gain.

Talks in Kiev on Saturday followed visits by other American authorities, including the Speaker of the Democratic Senate , foreign minister Antony Blinken and the Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Source: The Nordic Page

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