Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine took an emotional victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The winning song Stefania sang in Ukrainian and mixed rap with traditional folk music and was a tribute to the mother of the band’s frontman Oleh Psiuk.

In the run-up to the competition, the Kalush Orchestra said it was aiming to the spirits of its medukrainers who have fled the country or fought against armed forces sent into the country on February 24 by Russian President Vladimir .

A audience of almost 200 million watched artists from all over who performed ballads, hymns and glittering dance numbers.

’s contribution from Alvan & Ahez, sung in the regional Breton language, failed to impress the judges.

Spaceman, the UK’s contribution, came second – the country’s best show in 20 years.

After the jury’s results were produced, Great Britain led by 283 points, with and on 258 and 231 points respectively.

But Ukraine got the public vote from all over Europe and with 439 points.

With these numbers combined, Ukraine took its third triumph after the successes of 2004 and 2016.

Ukrainian President praised the group’s achievement.

“Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe,” he wrote on Telegram.

“We will do our best to one day host the participants and guests of Eurovision in , Ukraine. Free, peaceful, rebuilt,” he added.

Originally published on RFI

Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022


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