Get to know the visitor’s responsible guidance on Sámi culture and the Sámi homeland in Finland

Visitor guidance is primarily aimed at domestic and international visitors, non-local entrepreneurs and workers arriving in the homeland. Teachers and students in the field of tourism can also utilize the material for those interested in Sámi tourism. The site is currently available in and English.

information about the Sámi people, their history and modern Sámi society is still superficial and often colored by prejudices and distortions. That is why it is important to increase truthful information and knowledge about the Sámi people through tourism, says Tuomas Aslak JuusoChairman of the Finnish Sámi Parliament.

– I hope that visitor guidance for Sámi tourism will be widely used and benefit as many stakeholders as possible. We want to encourage tourists to make responsible and ethically sustainable choices when visiting the Sámi homeland in , continues Leo AikioVice-Chairman of the Sámi Parliament II.

The visitor guide for Sámi tourism and Sámi homeland tourism introduces visitors to the special features of the area and Sámi . This digital material package is designed to meet the current challenges of tourism and to guide visitors to respect and pay attention to the Sámi communities and their culture. In addition to the actual visitor guidance, the new site features an animation of holistic sustainability, a vision of optional future, an extensive glossary of Sámi tourism and the Sámi homeland, and a quiz to test newly acquired data.

– In addition to the glossary, the entire site still requires minor edits. However, it is an advantage of a digital material package. Updativeness makes it easy to respond to new tourism trends and challenges depending on how they affect the daily lives and celebrations of local communities, says Kirsi Finlandproject coordinator.

A responsible tourist is aware of visiting a local people’s home

Sámi has been the home of the Sámi since immemorial. When visiting the Sámi country, the tourist visits a special and valuable cultural landscape, shaped and maintained by the everyday life and celebrations of the Sámi, the only indigenous people in the . This vibrant cultural landscape continues to enable the vitality and well-being of Sámi culture and its transmission to future generations.

In all places where our actions and footprints extend and affect, we all share responsibility for our future. Together, we can make this day more responsible and ethically sustainable. The generations of tomorrow, too, need all this beauty and wealth to live and experience.

This responsible visitor guidance site is based on ethical guidelines for Sámi tourism Approved by the Finnish Sámi Parliament in 2018. Sunna KittiThe illustrations clarify and illustrate the message of the ethical guidelines on how to behave and act to secure a more responsible and ethically sustainable future in the Sámi homeland and to support the continuation of Sámi culture.

The Responsible Sámi Tourism Guide for the Sámi Parliament and its accompanying materials is funded by the Ministry of and Culture.

Source: Sámi Parliament

Source: The Nordic Page

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