Shelter – this is what you need to know if the war is coming

This is what the rules say: Must be fully functional in 48 hours

If we are to survive a bombing, we must go underground. But for everyone who needs to get a place, the bikes must be out, people in and once there, you must have what you need to survive for a couple of days. Johannesson from MSB answers what a shelter can handle, how much space each one gets and how you who live far from a shelter can think. And also how to find your nearest shelter.

Can the dog accompany you into the shelter?

Erik also explains what applies to the pets in the shelter, who decides when it is full and why you have to bring ready-made .

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Preparedness is a with Erik Blix about preparing for a . In the event of natural disasters, major power outages and, in the worst case, a war, there are things you need to know to cope with everyday life.

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