Foreign Affairs Committee: Finland must apply for NATO membership

The committee emphasizes that ’s accession is not directed against anyone, but it would strengthen Finland’s . As a member of , it remains important to pursue active diplomacy and a foreign and security policy that promotes stability.

’s invasion of Ukraine forced Finland to react

The Committee notes that Russia’s long-term aggressive policy and its of dividing into new spheres of influence took on a new dimension following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Failure to respond would lead to a narrowing of Finland’s foreign, security and defense policy.

The committee’s report examines Finland’s current defense solutions, co-operation arrangements and the role of the as Finland’s most important community of values ​​and security. The committee states that national defense based on , a trained reserve, the defense of the entire country and a high will to defend the country is the basis of Finland’s defense in all circumstances.

Of the existing options for increasing security, NATO membership is considered to be the strongest possible additional protection for Finland due to its intimidation. Finland does not have to set conditions for applying for NATO membership.

A new balance is being sought between Finland and Russia

The committee notes that NATO membership will significantly change Finland’s relations and opportunities for co-operation with Russia. This means finding a new balance between Finland and Russia.

According to the committee, it is important that there is a functional and professional way of cooperating with an important neighbor in the future as well. In any case, relations with Russia will remain Finland’s national key issue.

The opinion of Parliament is decided by the plenary session

The committee considered the reports and their consideration by Parliament to be a good and justified procedure. It gave Parliament the opportunity to discuss comprehensively the change in the security environment following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Government Report and its parliamentary deliberations also ensure that a common, up-to-date national picture of Finland’s foreign and security policy can be formed, which is independent of the election cycle and which includes possible NATO membership.

The committee received opinions for its report from ten other parliamentary committees. The report will then be postponed in plenary. This will be followed by one reading in plenary. If, during the debate, a motion is tabled which departs from the committee’s report and is supported, the matter shall be put to the vote at the end of the debate. Parliament informs the government of its statement in a parliamentary communication.

Source: The Nordic Page

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