The summer could officially start in Denmark this Thursday

In an average year, the summer usually arrives in on 20 May.

By summer, the Danes mean the first day when the reaches 25 degrees.

The same rationale is then put on every single day between May and early October, if is lucky, to assess whether it has been a good summer or not.

Should we still be in the singular in mid-August, a lot of disappointment will be expressed in the national media.

2023 will be better, we want to be sure, and the plans to televise the ‘500 Days of Summer’ this Saturday have been canceled if they seem insensitive.

It will set the tone
If Denmark were to experience temperatures of 25 degrees on Thursday 19 May, we will get off to a good start. One up with plenty to play.

But should the temperatures remain in the early 20s – the current forecast according to all bar TV2 – then the wait continues.

TV2 tends to be the country’s most ‘upbeat’ forecast. Some might even add ‘inaccurate’, though supporters of DMI would dispute that claim.

According to this ’s preferred forecasts, Norges yr.nrtemperatures will not exceed 23 degrees in the area on Thursday.

In Central , 24 can be within reach… so the bragging rights for the mainland are on the rise.

Source: The Nordic Page




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