Cheap airline tickets for your summer vacation

Have you booked flights for your summer holiday? Do you want to fly the cheapest way? – You can get good advice on finding cheap airline tickets here.

Unfortunately, there is no set formula that tells you exactly when to , when to book, where to travel to and from and so on. But luckily, you can often save if you know a few tricks. You get some of them here.

The tricks are given by the comparison site ( ), which is recommended by the Council THINK.

Summer vacation = high season
When it comes to travel in high season, it is often the case that prices just go up and up the further you get closer to your departure date. With the summer holidays just around the corner, the best advice is to buy your flights as soon as possible. If you can travel in August, it may be an idea to wait a little longer.

Monitor air fares with price agents
If you already know where you want to travel and on what dates, it is a good idea to set up a price agent. At a price agent, you will receive a daily email with the price of your flight ticket. At Travelmarket, you can set up as many price agents as you want and keep track of prices for multiple flights.

Check prices from several departure airports
Some will say that this trick is only worth using if you live in or , but it can of course be used by everyone. There can be a lot of money to be saved by applying for departures from different airports.

Sometimes flights from are cheaper than from Billund, sometimes Hamburg is cheapest, and sometimes it pays to take the train from to Jutland to save money on the flights.

At Travelmarket you can search for prices from several different airports in search.

Move the plane a few days and save money
Sometimes it can be a lot of money to save on moving the plane for a few days, and maybe vacationing for 6 or 9 days instead of 7.

The price differences arise because some only fly on selected days + that some dates are more popular and thus more expensive.

Once you have searched for a flight ticket on, you can unfold a price calendar at the top of the screen and see prices on other days. This feature is worth using.

Always use a price comparison service like
No matter where you are going and when you are going to travel, it is good to use a price comparison service like

At we compare prices from many different travel agencies and airlines, and thus help you find the cheapest price.

At Travelmarket, our main goal is to find the cheapest airline tickets for our users, and we therefore also provide a price guarantee on airline tickets.

For this reason, you can safely use when you need to find your flights for the summer holidays ( ).

Cheap airline tickets for your summer vacation

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