Explanation: Record number of Finns ready to defend their country in the event of a military attack

More than four out of five want the country to be defended by the armed forces if it is attacked, according to a report by the National Defense Information Board (MTS).

The study also revealed that the willingness of Finns to defend their country is now at the highest level in the history of the study since it was first conducted in 1976.

Prior to the latest survey, MTS conducted a similar survey in the autumn of 2021. At that , about two-thirds of the respondents thought that should be defended if the country was attacked.

According to the latest survey, support for Finland’s membership had also risen considerably since last autumn, and just over two in three respondents said they were in favor of Finland joining NATO. In the autumn, about a quarter of respondents said they were in favor of NATO membership.

Non-alignment was the position of the majority last autumn

Support for non-alignment has collapsed in Finland, MTS said after the results of the survey were published, as less than a fifth of respondents support such a lesson, while in the autumn about half of the people were in favor of non-alignment. studied.

In , in the latest survey, two out of three respondents were in favor of Finland joining the military – an unnamed and undescribed alliance in the survey. Last year, less than a third supported Finland’s accession to any military alliance.

The latest survey also showed support for Finland’s accession to the military alliance, regardless of party – more than half of all supporters of all parties supported such a transfer.

Approximately 1,000 people aged 15–79 responded to the MTS survey in April-May.

Source: The Nordic Page




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