Latest developments in Ukraine: 19 May

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The latest developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. All times EDT:

12:50: RadioFreeEurope / RadioLiberty shares interview with the mother of a Ukrainian National Guard based in .

During the interview on May 11 in , Inna Zatoloka shares some of the texts that her 20-year-old son sent her since Russia invaded Ukraine. “Mom, I’m alive,” he once texted. “Love you.”

Mark Zatoloka was one of hundreds of soldiers who defended civilians who protected the steel plant in Azovstal while Russia attacked. Inna does not know if he came out alive.

12:30: On Thursday, the US Senate will vote on a $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine.

The measure includes for , training and weapons for Ukraine, replenishment of supplies of US equipment sent to Ukraine and funding to help other helping Ukraine.

It also includes billions of dollars in humanitarian aid, including assistance to address the global food shortage caused by the conflict. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly gave its approval to the package last week.

If the Senate approves the measure, it would go to President for his signature.

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