Putin’s military setback in Ukraine

As Russian troops attempted to cross the Donets River in eastern , they were shelled by Ukrainian artillery, pontoon bridges laid across the river were torn apart and a large number of Russian soldiers were killed. But this is just one example of how ’s forces have failed to advance . The Russian is believed to have suffered heavy losses in the war and the Ukrainian resistance has been tougher and more effective than expected. So far, the great military successes of what Vladimir Putin describes as a “special operation” in Ukraine have not materialized.

Cracks in ’s about the war

Russian retired colonel and military expert Mikhail Chodarjonok has said on Russian state television that Russian troops have problems and that Russia is isolated, but a few days later he has withdrawn his statements. But at the same time, the trend can turn around quickly. Systematic attacks on fuel depots in Ukraine put the Ukrainian army at risk of out of fuel for its combat . Hear about the setbacks of the Russian forces and about the weak points in Ukraine’s defense. We also describe why observers believe that Vladimir Putin can not accept a Russian loss in Ukraine.

Participants: Johanna MelénRussia , Lubna El-Shanticorrespondent monitoring Ukraine and David Carlqvistreporter at Ekot who monitors defense issues

Host: Fredrik Wadström

Producer: Katja Magnusson



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