A sure sign of summer: Finland is preparing for the forest fire season

Despite the relatively cold temperatures in , the start of reconnaissance flights for forest fires is a sure sign that summer is just around the corner.

The first such flights will start departing at any in the regions of Pirkanmaa, and , says in a press release. Mika Kurvinensenior officer at the Civil Protection and Emergency Response Agency.

Reconnaissance flights are often conducted by members of local clubs and the (Ilm) forest and forest . risk analyzes reaches or exceeds 4.1 or 4.3 depending on the range, he explained.

"These levels will be reached today or tomorrow," Kurvinen said on Friday.

According to forecasts, reconnaissance flights could expand to more areas in the southern parts of the country as early as this weekend, including and Kanta-Häme.

Observations of forest fires are not yet expected in other areas, as many are still covered in the remaining this year.

In preparation for the upcoming forest and shrub fire season, the employees of the rescue department will also start conducting coordination exercises for personnel and aircraft, Kurvinen said.

Regular training exercises ensure that co-operation in the fight against forest fires is both safe and effective.

"When airplanes are in the air and rescue services are on the ground, it is important that we communicate properly," he explained and pointed out that such actions can be particularly difficult in remote areas.

Source: The Nordic Page

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