Dark shops are gaining ground in Denmark

A scanner in the dark
However, not everyone is thrilled with the prospect of the concept coming to their necks.

Often the shop windows are painted or tapped, which prevents someone from looking inside, which according to critics leads to urban areas being deprived of life.

In addition, the areas are filled with needed to deliver goods to customers.

“It gets very boring. We want the ground floors facing the street, where there are outward-facing activities, to have a living urban space, not just cordoned-off facades, ”Line Barfod, ’s mayor of and the environment. told TV2 News.

“As a result, many scooters and drive back and forth, often in areas not designed for that kind of .”

Dark shops are gaining ground in Denmark
(photo: Gorillas)

The case
city that has already set foot in Amsterdam is Amsterdam, which has a long history of struggling with scooter problems.

The Dutch capital has set a ceiling for dark shops, so there must be no more than 50 at a in the city.

Another dilemma that has haunted people like in the past is whether they will pay their couriers fairly.

Source: The Nordic Page




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