Minister: Other Covid boosters available for younger age groups

The current wave of transformation Covid cases have shown signs of abating, with fewer infections and deaths recorded last week.

Despite this, the Minister of Social Affairs Who is Linden (SDP) said the Department of Family and Social Affairs is prepared for possible new waves of disease in the fall and winter.

"We probably have a Covid variant epidemic in the fall," told Parliament.

Lindén said she hopes that extensive restrictions on everyday life would not be necessary, suggesting that the widespread use of FFP2 and FFP3 masks is a better option.

Earlier this week, a group of experts made 54 recommendations to the ministry to prepare for a possible new wave of epidemic.

age limit reduced

The National Institute for and Welfare () has recommended a fourth vaccine injection for people over the age of 80 who are severely immunocompromised and living in homes.

Lindén predicted that the general age limits for the fourth dose of Covid would fall by the fall, but awaited expert views on the subject.

University said on Wednesday that it had found a patient with the first omicron BA.5 sub-variant in . The variant is said to be slightly more contagious than previous versions.

Lindén was asked if this new variant could be a threat to the summer tourist season.

"Personally, I have not heard of such, but of course we all move more in the summer and then, of course, the diseases disappear. But then summer is the best for Covid. The last two summers were clearly milder than the autumn and winter seasons," Linden replied.

Source: The Nordic Page




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