Smallpox – we know that about the infection

Monkey was discovered in monkeys in 1958, and the first it was discovered that the virus infected a was in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About monkey pox

Monkey pox is related to the eradicated disease , but is less dangerous.

– It is important to realize that what we are seeing now is something completely different than the outbreak. It is a contagious disease, but not very contagious. It is a well-known virus that we have an effective against, and an effective antiviral against already now, says Ulrika Björkstén, science commentator at Swedish .

The monkey virus is most often transmitted from animal to human, often through a bite from the animal, a tear or contact with the animal’s body fluid. Monkey pox can also be transmitted by close contact between people.

Symptoms of monkey pox

Among other things, fever, swollen lymph nodes and blisters on the skin.

Are monkey pox deadly?

As a rule, smallpox gives mild symptoms, but there are cases where the viral infection has been fatal. Affected people usually recover within a few weeks.

With sound from: P4 , Nyheterna

Participants: Ulrika BjörksténSwedish Radio’s science commentator

Reporter: Susanna Hållbus

Host: Marcus Nilsson

Producer: Julia Juhlin Karlsson

Technician: Josef Reinhold and Jesper Timan





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