The EU promises Ukraine the flow of military aid will not stop

, : EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has said the bloc would reassure Ukraine that it has adequate equipment during the ongoing war against Russia.

“The will not let Ukraine run out of equipment,” he told reporters in Brussels after a meeting with the bloc’s defense ministers this week.

His comments came during the meeting, which included NATO Deputy Secretary- Mircea Geoan and Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov.

Reznikov reviewed for ministers the current military situation on the ground . He also presented a list of the military requirements of the Ukrainian army, which the EU has consistently supported.

Borrell noted that the weapons provided by the EU made a difference on the battlefield and called on EU countries to continue to replenish Ukrainian stocks.

“This support is crucial because the war is at a turning point. We can not let Ukraine run out of equipment. And we will not do that,” Borrell said. “The battle of Donbass is in a moment when the ’ counter-offensive and [the] push [against] The Russians have had some extraordinary successes the other day against a column of Russian tanks and show that Ukrainians continue to have an incredible ability to resist and counterattack. “

Borrell also announced that a further € 500 million in aid would soon provide EU total military support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces at € 2 billion since the Russian invasion began.

Borrell also reported that on May 17, the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine had resumed its in to investigate and prosecute war .


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