Ultima Thule – the band that plays SD into the Riksdag | Part 3/3

Ultima Thule bans are introduced in schools and in the media the band is hunted down with questions about their past. The collusion with the white power movement, fans who heal and the criticism that follows eats away at the band.

They are linked to the growing racism that is being debated extensively. Some record stores are boycotting Ultima Thule, which still manages to have three albums on the sales lists at the same .

Some of those who listen and get an impression of the nationalist texts today belong to the top tier of the Democrats. Linus Bylund remembers the day he hears Ultima Thule and connects his political involvement to the cassette he finds as a teenager. Mattias Karlsson hears the music at a barbecue party and the lyrics go straight to the heart. gets a mixed band from a friend and becomes a big fan. Ultima Thule will later be reunited on his sourdough record.

For 2012, the band is closing down. Singer Jan Thörnblom says that they have done their part now that the have entered the .

Ultima Thules and the Sweden Democrats’ ties are intertwined. Today, drummer Hansen is a local politician for the party in Nyköping.

This is the third and final part in a series about Ultima Thule.

P1 Documentary about Ultima Thule

For the first time, band members and key people tell the story of the controversial Viking rock band. In three episodes, you hear the story of the punks who became skinheads and were called “the Nazis’ favorite band” and who eventually recorded the Sweden Democrats in the Riksdag.

For three years, the journalist Bo Sjökvist has followed Ultima Thule. He grew up in Nyköping himself and suddenly saw how the guys at the pub became national celebrities in a band that everyone seemed to be arguing about. Together with producer Magnus Arvidson, Bo Sjökvist has made the first documentary about the band, a series in three parts.

The program was made in 2022.

Final mix: Tor Sigvardson.

About the band Ultima Thule

  • Ultima Thule started as the punk band Rost in the late 70’s. Will later be Ugly Spots and 1982 Ultima Thule.

  • The band created and are leading figures in the genre “Viking rock” which mixes rock, folk music and lyrics with a nationalist message.

  • The name Ultima Thule (“outermost Thule”) comes from Greco-Roman mythology. “Thule” has often been interpreted as a word to describe the Scandinavian peninsula.

  • Ultima Thule’s third album “För fäderneslandet” has sold platinum and more than 100,000 copies in Sweden. The album contains some of their most famous songs, such as “Stolt och stark”, “Fäderneslandet” and “Du gamla du fria”.

  • The band became big in the 90’s and was for a time signed to Bert Karlsson’s record company Mariann Records. When Ultima Thule states that they had connections to several movements that were then classified as right-wing extremists, BSS and SD, contracts are broken in 1993. Since then, they publish on their own company.

  • In 2012, the band went out and announced that they would stop playing together after 30 years as active. In 2015, they had a well-known private gig on Jimmy ’s crayfish record. In 2022, the band will play together again. Ulf Hansen is today an SD politician locally in Nyköping.

  • Ultima Thule has had connections with right-wing extremist BSS and Nazi white power bands and record . They call themselves nationalists and Swedish patriots.


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