Erdogan calls on Sweden and Finland to address Turkey’s security problems

Istanbul []May 21 ( / Xinhua): Turkish President Recep Erdogan spoke with leaders of Sweden and on Saturday, urging the two candidate countries to address Turkey’s concerns.

Erdogan told Swedish Andersson in a telephone conversation that the Nordic country should stop providing political, economic and weapons support to “terrorist organizations”, the Turkish presidential office said in a statement.

Turkey expects Sweden to take concrete steps to address its concerns about the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its enlargements in Syria and Iraq, Erdogan said.

He also called on Sweden to lift the arms export embargo imposed on Turkey after Turkey launched a cross-border military operation in Syria in 2019.

In a separate conversation with Finnish President Niinisto, Erdogan said ignoring the terrorist threat facing a NATO ally is incompatible with the spirit of friendship and .

Turkey expects “respect and support for its legitimate and determined fight against a clear threat to its national security and people,” Erdogan said.

He also told NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg by telephone that Turkey would not approach Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO missions positively if they did not address Turkey’s fundamental issues, especially in the fight against terrorism.

Stoltenberg, for his part, stated that Turkey’s security problems should be addressed. On Wednesday, Sweden and Finland formally submitted their applications for NATO membership to Stoltenberg. (ANI / Xinhua)


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