The Prime Minister’s difficult seat and the gift to Joe Biden

The tours around have been many. We go through the latest and wonder how Magdalena Andersson’s winner has reacted to the conditions set by to approve a Swedish application for NATO membership.

We go through classic meetings between Swedish prime ministers and American presidents, referring to the fact that Magdalena Andersson was recently in the and met . David impresses our domestic political reporter by knowing what the Prime Minister brought with him as a gift to Biden and our satirist Moa impresses by knowing the exact amount a gift to the president may cost without being classified as a bribe, SEK 4,153.

We hear about the exact moment that Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist realizes that he is in favor of Swedish membership of NATO.

Our listener Anna wonders what the deal is with Magdalena Andersson’s rowing boat. We learn that it is called Harpsundsekan and hear about some classic tours the prime ministers have had in it.

David and Katherine in political talk show.

In the new you meet David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman who were previously colleagues in Morgonpasset in P3. The talk show is their reunion. In the podcast, we also hear Ekot’s political reporter Lova Olsson and the satirist Moa Wallin from Tankesmedjan in P3.

Producer: Sukran

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas


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