Press from Turkey, popular bird song, Husby after the Koran burning

It would have been a historic week, but ended in a stalemate, with ’s and ’s NATO applications blocked by . With his , the President of Turkey has put the brakes on what many thought would be a straightforward and rapid process for Sweden and Finland into NATO.
But why is the issue of the Kurdish PKK so important to Turkey?

Interest in birds continues to increase

Interest in bird watching has increased greatly since the turn of the millennium. Tore Janson has written a book about birds in .
One reason is the pandemic, when many began to go out into nature. Birds are everywhere, join a morning walk in the middle of the big city.

Civil society prevented riots in Husby

It has been a week since the Danish right-wing politician Rasmus Paludan’s last visit to Sweden – visits that in several places have resulted in riots and unrest.
But one place, where the outcome of Paludan’s Koran burning became different, is Husby in northwest Stockholm – an area that usually has many challenges.

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  • The historic NATO week ends in a stalemate following Turkey’s resistance

  • Does raw power pay off in political negotiations?

  • Bird watching is becoming increasingly popular

  • The Falcons of

  • Chronicle by Nina Wormbs

  • The panel on this week’s domestic policy

  • Husby one week after the Koran burning

  • Satire with Public Service

  • Local leaders in Ukrainian Donetsk are fighting for their cities

  • The importance of exports for

  • Abba is on stage again, almost

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