Monday’s newspapers: Ukrainian school, false news and distressing times

The city of has decided to channel Ukrainian children to one school next semester, says the regional newspaper Central Finland.

This autumn, about 150 Ukrainian children aged 6-16 will start teaching at a school in the city of Voionmaa.

According to the authorities, the growing number of Ukrainian refugees meant that it was becoming increasingly difficult to integrate newcomers into regular classrooms.

Russian propaganda?

Arabic-language messages on social media raise fears among some foreign groups in Finland Helsingin sanomat newspaper.

The newspaper found that some Arabic-language news sites, as well as , and channels, suggest that was close to attacking Finland because of its NATO proposal.

Respond to the message, Social Democrat MP Hussein al-Taee HS reported on earlier this month and condemned the spread of fear as Russian propaganda.

Anxious youth

According to Kela, mental health problems were the most common cause of sick leave last year.

Of the mental health problems, disorders increased the most, reports Hufvudstadsbladet. Anxiety has increased, especially among young women, whose sick days are five times higher than in 2005.

The mental health organization Mieli told the that mental well-being is currently affected by three crises: climate change, a pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

A study conducted last year found that more than half of Finland’s disability pensions are granted due to mental health problems.


Tuesday is the deadline for adding missing income or deductions to the pre-filled 2021 tax returns.

According to Business Daily, the deadline applies to about 1.6 million people in Finland Kauppalehti.

"We get a lot of information automatically, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we’re correct," Raisa Vanhala He told KL about the tax administration, adding that there were several deductions available to taxpayers this year, including a deduction for teleworkers.

Source: The Nordic Page

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