The Arctic region is transformed into an int’l theater for military operations: Russian FM

[]May 23 (ANI / ): Russian Ambassador for Cooperation Nikolay Korchunov told Sputnik on Sunday that the Arctic region has been transformed into an international theater for military operations since and applied for NATO membership.

On Wednesday, and Stockholm handed over their applications for membership in NATO to NATO Secretary Jens .

“We are seeing an increase in international military activity at polar latitudes. There is an internationalization of military activities. The transformation of the Arctic region into an international theater for military operations is, of course, a very worrying trend. We can only be worried about this. “, said Korchunov, commenting on Sweden’s and Finland’s accession to NATO.

“The policy of non-accession to military alliances, the traditional policy of Sweden and Finland, has long been a solid basis for maintaining peace and stability at polar latitudes. It is unlikely that these countries’ possible accession to NATO will contribute to this . . ” said the ambassador. (ANI / Sputnik)


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