The working group coordinates the distribution infrastructure for new alternative transport fuels

The distribution of new alternative fuels instead of fossil fuels plays a key role in the greening of . In order for households and companies across to be able to switch to electricity and gas traffic, a nationwide public charging and refueling network must be easily available.

– As the popularity of electric cars grows, the deployment of charging infrastructure is largely market-driven, but there are regional differences in the availability of charging and gas refueling points and the profitability of construction. The needs of delivery and heavy freight place special demands on this infrastructure. Hydrogen is also among the fuels of the future and we also need to prepare for hydrogen refueling needs, says Timo HarakkaMinister of Transport and Communications.

Cooperation is needed to develop the distribution infrastructure

The evaluation memorandum for the development of the charging network for electric cars prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications was distributed for comment from 3 to 24 March 2022. A total of 53 statements were received. A summary of the comments and the comments in their entirety are published in the Board Project window.

Many comments supported the continuation of existing regulatory and support measures to develop the distribution infrastructure. There was also widespread support for streamlining the targeted design of national loading and refueling infrastructure.

– The distribution infrastructure is developed by several different actors. Together, we need to on the infrastructure that serves the needs of modern mobility, says Minister Harakka.

Cross – sectoral cooperation for the development of distribution infrastructure

The task of the working group is to promote the development and planning of distribution infrastructure through cross-sectoral cooperation. The group will assess the current state of the distribution infrastructure and the adequacy of existing measures, as well as the possible need for new measures to accelerate development and remove bottlenecks to development. In addition, the working group will look at the development of smart systems and download services and the opportunities they offer.

The working group will update the nationwide program for the distribution network of alternative transport fuels until the 2030s. The project will also prepare a monitoring report on the state of Finland’s charging infrastructure required by the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID). In addition, the working group will take into account the updated Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, which is still under in the EU. The working group is chaired by Päivi Antikainen, Head of the Climate and Environment Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and its members include the , NGOs and research institutes. The group consults widely with experts and companies in its work.

The following are represented in the working group: Housing Finance and Development Center, ARA; Central Association of Car Sales and Repair (AKL); Finnish Automobile Industry Association; Confederation of Finnish (EK); Suomen Energia (ET); Authority; Fintraffic; ITS Finland; Trade Union; Consumers Association; Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom; Finnish Bus Association; ; Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions (SAK); Association of Fuel and Transport Service Traders (SBL); Finnish Biocycle and Association; Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL; Association of Finnish Municipalities; Finnish Taxi Association; Electronic Transport Association; VTT; Technology industry; Ministry of and Labor; and the Ministry of the Environment.

What next?

The working group will begin its work in May and clarify its agenda. A description of the current state of the distribution infrastructure will be completed in early autumn and a nationwide download infrastructure development program in spring 2023.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications

Source: The Nordic Page

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