408: Turkey sprinkles salt in S NATO wounds

Erdogan presents list of requirements

stands its ground and does not intend to let and into . At least that’s what you say to the outside . But is there any way for Sweden to up the knot? Maybe the can help?

The battle for pensions

There is a fight in the Riksdag over pensions. In June, they will be voted on and now the big question is whether the will get through its proposal aka the Nooshi supplement.

MP and L are up for election

This weekend, two of the Riksdag’s little ones will hold a pre-election meeting. Environmentalists and gather in each place to instill courage in the troops in the face of what could be either a bang or a death knell.

Participants: Tomas Rambergdomestic policy commentator at Ekot and Mats Erikssondefense and policy reporter at Ekot.

Host: Höglund

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Maria Stillberg





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