Cannes 2022: Woody Harrelson’s “Triangle of Sadness” receives eight minutes of standing ovations

Washington [US]May 24 (): Hollywood star Woody Harrelson’s latest , “”, recently received an impressive eight-minute standing ovation at the ongoing 75th Film Festival.

Variety reported that the overwhelming response topped the reception of any other film at the festival to date, including ’s lead actor “Top Gun: Maverick.”

‘Triangle of Sadness’, a dark comedy directed by the Swedish filmmaker Ruben , follows a model and his influencer girlfriend, who embark on a luxury cruise for the ultra-rich, captain of Harrelson’s Marxist character.

At the film’s Sunday premiere, there were such waves of applause that the director compared it to a crowd at a , according to Page Six. “What a wonderful show. What an ensemble we had. Thank you very much,” Östlund told the audience at the premiere.

Harrelson, over the weekend, became Ostlund’s fan and told reporters that the film’s production was a “revitalizing” experience, and promised to be in the director’s next film, regardless of whether he wants him or not.

“He can make you extremely uncomfortable. He makes you think. He can give you a sense of meaning as if there was a purpose to watching the movie – and perhaps more importantly, he makes you laugh all the . Which is a real trick.” Harrelson said, according to page six. (ANI)


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