Negotiations in the municipal sector are failing, more strikes are possible

Markku JalonenKT CEO, Tuesday told me According to , the negotiations failed due to unacceptable additional conditions imposed by the unions.

She declined to comment on the details of the terms, such as whether they were dependent on the agreement eventually reached with the two nurses ’unions. Nurses expect significantly higher pay rises over several years, so other workers in the municipal sector are unlikely to be less satisfied.

However, according to Jalonen, the parties to the dispute have decided to reach an agreement.

Olli LuukkainenThe chairman of Juko criticizes both the employers ‘organization and the nurses’ unions for failing to reach an agreement on working conditions in the municipal sector. He told me states that since the dispute is unlikely to be resolved before next autumn, the municipality’s employees will not receive increases this year.

Additional strikes are also possible.

“The entire municipal sector is in a storm,” he summed up the market situation.

According to Luukkainen, the negotiations between the three remaining labor market collapsed because the employers’ organization wanted to treat different occupational groups differently.

“We need to consider teachers, doctors, the technical industry, librarians, people and others. The RK proposal did not take all occupational groups satisfactorily into account.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the so-called safeguard clauses eventually became the main obstacle to the agreement.

Although Jau and Juko were willing to accept the settlement proposal, which was rejected by the nurses, the unions were not prepared to take the risk that the nurses would later succeed in negotiating better terms for themselves. Jau and Juko therefore demand that a clause be included in the agreement, which guarantees possible salary increases for nurses to other employees of the municipality as well.

“KT divided the professional groups into important and less important ones, meaning that some would have received a safeguard clause and others would not. I can’t talk about this anymore, but we couldn’t accept the proposal, ”Luukkainen said.

He considers that the justification given by the employers’ organization is weak.

“KT has consistently promised and the central has stated that nurses’ unions do not get more than others. If this is indeed the case, the clauses do not matter. They would cost zero euros. But if the KT is willing to give safeguard clauses to some groups but not to others, it shows that it does not believe in itself either.

Luukkainen also drew attention to the statement of the Minister of Family and Social Affairs Who is Linden (SDP). Linden stated To News on Saturday that the care industry needs its own payroll program, “it can’t be denied.”

“If a politician says so, do we trust that nurses’ unions don’t get more than others? No, we don’t, “he said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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