The girls were threatened by the online pedophile: “Will spread your pictures to the whole school”

Last week, P3 reported on the hunt for an online pedophile in who is suspected of having abused both children in and abroad. He has been sentenced to many years in prison for the against nine Swedish victims for his refusal, and soon the verdict will come in the foreign part where about 40 foreign crime victims are included.
Two of those who have been affected by the man are Hilda and Mira.
– He threatened to kill me and to leak pictures to my parents and things like that, says Mira.

Finally, Mira and Hilda told relatives about the .

– No matter how hard it is, and I know for myself that it’s so hard to get to that point to tell, it’s so nice when you’ve been told, says Hilda.

In this week’s P3 Krim they tell about their contact with the man. They want to participate so that there is a voice for children and young people who are exposed to various sexual crimes and threats.

* Hilda and Mira are actually called something else. Their quotes are read by actors.

and authorities working against child :


“Hilda”, plaintiff

“Mira”, plaintiff

Joleby, PhD in psychology and researcher on online


Evalisa Wallin

Viktor Ahldén

Producer: Linus Lindahl

Reporters: Linnéa Hjortstam

Recordist: Johan Hörnqvist

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