Marin is visiting Ukraine

(SDP) visited and on Thursday, according to local media, including Gazeta, Segodnya, ZN and Ukrainska Pravda.

In pictures published in the Telegram account of the Russian-language Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya, the gloomy Marin was seen wearing a bulletproof vest soaked in in Bucha.

Bucha, located northeast of the capital Kiev, rose to international prominence in late March when several apparently executed civilians were found in the city as Russian troops withdrew from the area.

The Finnish confirmed the prime minister’s visit to and added "details of the visit will be announced later".

Starting Monday, Marin will discuss Ukraine, , defense and other issues with other EU leaders at a two-day European Council meeting in Brussels.

Helsingin Sanomat is the first in to report on Marin’s visit to Ukraine.

Be updated.

Source: The Nordic Page

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