* NEW * The massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila

At dusk on September 16, 1982, a group of heavily armed marched into the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila in western , . They belong to the Christian party, the armed militia of the Falangists, and they want to demand blood revenge.

Despite international promises, the civilian population is unprotected – and 36 hours later, the bodies are stacked in mounds along the narrow alleys.

In the middle of the nightmare is a Swedish nurse. Two Nordic journalists will be among the first to witness with their own eyes what happened.

But who really carries blood on their hands? Two decades later, a unique legal process begins. And at the center is Israeli Ariel Sharon.

Participant list:

Imad Qassem, survived the massacre.

Omar Daoud, survived the massacre.

Louise Norman, anesthesia nurse.

Ramberg, then Middle East correspondent for Swedish .

Odd Karsten Tveit, then Middle East correspondent for radio.

Chibli Mallat, Lebanese rights .

A documentary by: Fanny Hedenmo.

Producer: Lasse Truedson.

Executive producer: Jon Jordås / SR.

The documentary is made by the production company Tredje Statsmakten.

Published: 2022.





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