Macron and Erdoğan discuss Finland’s NATO membership

Recep Tayiip Erdoğan discussed with his French counterpart the efforts of Finland and Sweden to join , on Thursday.

The Swedish TT reports that Erdoğan has said that the two countries’ contacts with people and affiliated with the PKK and its Syrian branch of the YPG are in direct conflict with the spirit of NATO.

A opinion The French President’s said that Macron emphasized to Erdoğan the importance of respecting the sovereign decisions of Finland and Sweden as a result of the democratic process.

On Wednesday, Finnish and Swedish diplomats began talks with Turkish representatives in the capital, , to discuss ’s opposition to NATO’s accession to the two .

Turkey has published a list of requirements that must be met before negotiations can proceed.

At the same time, the Nordic neighbors submitted applications to join the union last week, but Turkey has blocked preliminary processing of the bids.

The latest episode of News’s All Points North podcast asks what Turkish meat is from Finland’s accession to NATO.

Source: The Nordic Page

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