Reuters: Turkey’s decision unlikely ahead of NATO summit

Negotiations between the Finnish, Swedish and Turkish authorities to resolve Turkey’s objections to ’s accession to the two are unlikely to be completed before next month’s NATO summit. report Reuters.

Negotiations, which began on Wednesday and ended on Friday, have made little progress and no date has yet been agreed for their resumption, Reuters said.

According to one source, Turkey may still oppose the accession of and Sweden to the when NATO holds a summit in the Spanish capital, , on June 29-30.

Finland and Sweden simultaneously applied to join the union last week, but Turkey has blocked the accession process and has published a list of requirements that it says must be met before negotiations can proceed.

The list of claims contains references to members of the PKK and its Syrian branch, the YPG, which Turkey has identified as terrorist organizations and pointed out their alleged protection in Finland and Sweden.

Associated Press reported that the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Finland and Sweden must now take "concrete steps" To address security concerns in Turkey when their representatives returned home after the talks.

"We understand the security concerns of Finland and Sweden, but … everyone must also understand the legitimate security concerns of Turkey," Cavusoglu said.

On Thursday, the President of stressed to the President of Turkey Recep Tayiip The importance of respecting the decisions taken as a result of the democratic process in Finland and Sweden.

Source: The Nordic Page

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