US General: Sweden and Finland do not need more American forces

US General: Sweden and Finland do not need more American forces

and Finland’s desire to join will not require the deployment of additional ground forces on their territory, a US general nominated for the post of European Command told the US Senators , the reported, quoted by BTA.

However, Christopher Cavoli pointed out that exercises and rotations of American troops are likely to increase.

Cavoli, who is currently commanding the US military in and Africa, said the increased military focus will be on , where are more concerned about potential Russian aggression.

“The focus of NATO forces has shifted eastward,” Cavoli told the Senate Armed Forces Committee. “Depending on the outcome of the conflict, we will probably have to continue this for a while,” the general warned.

He was asked about the presence of troops in Europe, which has grown from less than 80,000 to about 102,000 since the start of the Russian invasion. Cavoli explained that the increase in the number of troops has nothing to do with Sweden’s and Finland’s decision to join NATO.

Last week, the two Scandinavian countries submitted written applications to join the pact, which has become one of the most significant geopolitical consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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