Dialogue or rubber bullets when riots erupt

Swedish dialogue strategy after the riots
Conflict tells how the Swedish dialogue strategy developed after the Gothenburg riots in 2001, and how it has been very successful in preventing demonstrations from degenerating. But during the Easter riots of 2022 when the right-wing extremist , known for his Koran burning, manifested, it became very violent – why?

Dialogue Johan Heed wants to see more dialogue throughout the country
Conflict meets the dialogue police Johan Heed who was on site in the Stockholm suburb of Hallunda when the right-wing extremist politician Rasmus Paludan spoke and burned the Koran. What does he think about ’ demands now for tougher grips, such as rubber bullets, and cannons?

Politicians want to see rubber bullets and water cannons after the Easter riots
There have been many reactions from the political side, from the – M, KD, SD and L – there have been demands for better resources and tools for the police to better curb riots. For example, rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas, cable ties and curfews have been proposed.

France’s authoritarian police failed to curb riots in 2005
France is often cited as an example of a tougher police force, which does not hesitate to use tear gas, water cannons or rubber bullets in riots. But in 2005, the most extensive riots in the modern history of France and Europe occurred and the police had a hard time stopping the violence.

Repressive police methods can contribute to more violence in riots
Throughout his academic career, the American criminologist Ed Maguire has studied police and violence, especially police strategy in connection with riots. He is a strong supporter of the Swedish dialogue model, and believes that in the US, the police often act too harshly, which risks provoking demonstrators and leading to a spiral of violence.

Participants: Anders ThornbergNational Police Chief, Stefan Holgerssonpolice investigator, Simon AndrénEkot’s reporter, Mathieu ZagrodzkiFrench police researcher, FabienFrench police, Amine Kessaci18-year-old in French suburb, Rudy MannaFrench police in Marseille, Ed MaguireAmerican criminologist at Arizona State University, Johan Heeddialog police, accommodation , Hallunda and Husby etc.

Reporters: Simon Moser, Simon Andrén, Titti Elm, Peter Johansson and Helena Björk

Host: Firas Jonblat
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Producer: Anja Sahlberg
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