Police report a record number of passport applications

According to the Board, an unprecedented number of people applied for or wanted to renew their passports this spring in .

In March, the number of applications increased the most, with 191,000 passports issued, more than five times more than at the same last year.

The rise came soon after Covid restrictions were eased across the country and launched an attack on .

The number of applications at police stations across Finland has more than tripled since last spring, and the National Board of Police estimates that the trend will continue well into the summer.

Police said the rush was mainly due to letting their passports expire during the .

Police: long waiting times

applicants may need to make an appointment at a police station.

Passport application deadlines are congested at police stations across the country, and it can take weeks or in some cases even months to arrange an appointment.

People can also renew their passports by appointment. However, this has led to long queues inside and outside some stations.

Those looking for free time should regularly check for cancellations, the police recommended and added that time can often be more readily available at police stations in sparsely populated areas.

Source: The Nordic Page




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