The Swedish Pensions Agency’s Daniel Barr: The pension group has served Sweden well

Pensions are expected to be a major issue in the autumn elections. At the same time, the Swedish Pensions Agency’s Director General Daniel Barr strongly criticizes the Government’s proposal for a guarantee supplement for the pensioners with the lowest income. According to Daniel Barr, the proposal, which is presented together with the Left Party and the Green Party, is too complicated and risks violating the principle in the pension system that work should provide more pensions.

– In our consultation response, we have an example where you instead increase the guarantee pension, you can in principle achieve the same thing much cheaper and easier.

According to Daniel Barr, the fact that pensions are now openly discussed and no longer within the so-called pension group can be a problem because the group’s work aims to succeed in achieving broad majorities in matters concerning pensions. Daniel Barr now senses a shift in how the political work with pensions will be conducted in the future.

– To use a worn-out cliché that is used a lot in recent weeks, the pension agreement and the pension group have probably served Sweden well. Now it looks like the 30-year bailout that has been in the pension area is over and that a political battle is being waged over these issues.

The ongoing political pension dispute has led to a split within the Swedish Pensions Agency’s board, where Director General Daniel Barr together with two members protested against their own board regarding the government’s proposal for guarantee pensions.

– This puts a wet blanket over the relationships that must be worked on.

About Daniel Barr:

Name: Daniel Barr
Age: 60 years
Background: Education in financial economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. Daniel Barr has since worked at the Riksbank, the Seventh AP Fund and the Debt Office. He has also been a political expert in the Riksdag and a special investigator for the Deposit Guarantee Inquiry under the Persson government.

Guest: Daniel Barr, Director General of the Swedish Pensions Agency
Comment: Birgitta Johanssonpolitical reporter Ekot
Host: Mikael Sjödell
Producer: Parisa Höglund
Technician: Elvira Björnfot






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