Despite a strong labor market, demand for food aid is growing

queues have lengthened, although has risen to record levels since the pandemic subsided, the STT reported on Sunday.

By Reetta Nickproject manager rising service prices are causing problems for households with insufficient incomes to cover spending.

Foodaid, run by a non-church agency, provides information on food events and local meals in every area of ​​ and helps direct donated food to where it is needed.

ViaDia in also says that the demand for food help points has increased. This includes more employed people, the CEO says Kristian Vilkman. The Welfare Organization is a stakeholder group of the Evangelical Free Church.

At the same , there is pressure in stores to reduce surpluses and losses, which affects the organization of food aid operations. In Finland, 90 per of food aid comes from the trade surplus.

In 2020, the Natural Resources Center of Finland (Luke) estimates that 20 million kilos of food aid are distributed in Finland every year, and about 100-200,000 people need food aid. Free food is provided by more than 1,000 associations, congregations and other groups.

Source: The Nordic Page




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