9th International Alvar Aalto Design Seminar – BIOSYMBIOSIS brought together participants from 67 countries around the world

The feedback on the event has already been positive and enthusiastic. The 2-day program included 28 speakers from to the United States. The event was open to virtual worldwide. The afternoon sessions of May 24-25, 2022 were streamed to Clerkenwell Design Week in London in collaboration with Welltek Studio and Media 10. The virtual event platform, edited live streams and pre-recorded performances are now available for viewing for two months, until July 31, 2022. We also recommend additional material, such as video links from the City of and the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Tuesday 24.5. was dedicated to the theme “Finding the path to a sustainable future: nature-based design thinking, research and problem solving”. The online performers were curator and author William Myers (Director of the of 21st Century Design, M21D, New Heroes and Biobased Creations Lucas De Manexpert in regenerative design and biomimicry and founder of Exploration Architecture, architect Michael Pawlyn and designer Simone Farresin Studio Formafantasmalta. Direct discussion was used Henna HelanderChairman of the Finnish Association of Architects, CEO of SAFA and Paimio Sanatorium Fund, interior designer Anna Tiula Interiors and Kari-Otso Nevaluoma, Editor-in-Chief of Avotakka magazine. The meeting was opened by a presentation: “Planetary well-being – an important task” Janne KotiahoProfessor of Ecology at the and Director of the School of Resource Wisdom and Chairman of the Finnish Nature Panel.

Wednesday 25.5 was dedicated to two separate themes. “The smart components of tomorrow: bio-based materials and innovation, ”Focuses on material-based solutions in eco-design. The live speakers were designers Sofia Pia Belenky Space Caviar from , Daniel GrushkinCEO of the Biodesign Challenge (USA), Professor of Design and Materials Pirjo Kääriäinen (Aalto University), designers Irene Purasachit (Aalto University) and Manuel Arias Barrantes (VTT) Jenni LemettinenCity of Jyväskylä’s environmental expert and service design office 2Loops, designers Laura Huovinen and Tiina Hirvanen.

Afternoon session and third theme “Smart solutions for today: Innovative sustainable production for the circular ”Opened Outi Suomi, Director of the Bio and Circular program from . In the afternoon session, current bioinnovative companies were presented: Naava Group Oy, Solar Foods, Sulapac, Spinnova and Betolar. Metsä Group’s and ’s ExpandFibre-Ecosystem project was presented by the GROUP R&D Director Katariina Kemppainen Forest from Spring. The moderators of the event were the curator and design author Anniina KoivuDirector of Theory (ECAL, Lausanne) and Designer Hanna LaikolaDesign Helsinki Brand Manager.

Every three years since 1995, Jyväskylä has hosted an internationally acclaimed design event that highlights top researchers and experts in the field. The design seminar and the triennial Alvar Aalto Symposium and Alvar Aalto Researcher’s Network seminar are organized by the Alvar Aalto Foundation / Alvar Aalto Academy together with the City of Jyväskylä and other event partners.

Partners of the Alvar Aalto Design Seminar 2022: Aalto University, Artek, Avotakka Magazine, Business Finland, Cumulus ry, Design Helsinki & Clerkenwell Design Week (Media 10), Helsinki Museum of Design, SIO, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, JYU Wisdom and the University of Jyväskylä and the Paimio Sanatorium Fund. Graphic design is an artist and a graphic designer Aimo Katajamäki.

Source: Alvar Aalto Foundation

Source: The Nordic Page

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