Aarhus is a much better choice than Copenhagen to raise a family, says injury report

Both and have placed themselves above in one preply.com ranking of the best cities to raise a family in Europe.

Aarhus did particularly well with an overall seventh place ahead of Aalborg (23) and Copenhagen (50). They were the only three cities on a ranking list that rated 130.

At the top of the rankings was Funchal, the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira, followed by (), Lisbon, Reykjavik, and Galway (Ireland).

Leisure and lifestyle failure
The ranking was based on three parameters: ‘’, ‘Health and ’ and ‘Leisure and lifestyle’. And it is fair to say that Copenhagen did not do very well in any of them when they became number 48, 19 and 90.

Aarhus (9, 5, 41) and Aalborg (17, 8, 65) were both let down by their ‘Leisure and Lifestyle’ scores.

Among the assessed subcategories were the relationship between teachers and students, educational attractions, recreational spaces, free and the length of maternity / paternity leave.

Source: The Nordic Page

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