Anja has cheated men of millions: “I do not get caught”

“Anja” is actually called something else. Her voice is exchanged, and another person plays her in Caliber’s pictures. Against anonymity, she tells how she lived on manipulating, cheating and blackmailing worth millions of kronor over the past twelve years.

It started in my teens. Anja decides to deceive an older man she comes in contact with on a telephone dating line. The next day, the man transfers several thousand to her, among other things so she can buy a train ticket home to him. But Anja takes out the money and blocks his phone number.

– It went so fast and I got so much money, I just knew, God, how easy it was, I can do this again.

Got several million through romance scams and extortion

And she does. Anja learns to rob men, get hold of hooks, and blackmail so men do not report.

Today, she tricks men through what is called romance scams. Anja meets men and lies about different situations she needs money for, and in many cases the men put them over. Weddings are also planned.

– It’s just acting. Everything. Nothing I say to them comes from the heart. I lie as much as I can.

Anja has cheated herself of several million over the years. She says she is prepared to get stuck day, but also says that the risk is minimal.

– It is difficult, it is very difficult for them. I am several steps ahead. Before the banks, before the .

“Only the banks can stop her”

When the men themselves do not report to the police, her never comes to the attention of the police.

– Yes, only the banks can stop her if no plaintiff finally steps forward, says Björn Sidenhjärta, head of the preliminary investigation at the group in the Central Police Region.

Banks must monitor transactions and request documentation when unexpected amounts are deposited in accounts. Anja has no registered income, and regularly receives large sums deposited in her account. From what we can see, only one in the last twelve years has questioned where the money comes from, but then contented itself with fictitious answers and the account could continue to be used. Caliber contacts the bank who does not want to answer questions.

Another of the banks we contact, and where Anja had accounts, is . Ralf Bagner is press officer at Swedbank:

– As the requirements according to money laundering legislation have been tightened, we ask more questions to our customers, at regular intervals. At the same , it is the case that financial have also increased. We invest a huge amount of money to protect our customers, but also to ensure that our systems are not used as tools by criminals.

How do you keep in mind that you are still being used by criminals for their activities?

– As I said, it is the case that banks have legal requirements to prevent this type of crime, economic crime is a societal problem that far from only affects the banks, we take this very seriously and continue to to prevent it.

Anja changes accounts at regular intervals and continues to commit crimes even today.

But how does it feel to know that you are living your life on stolen money?

– Eh, I do not see it as stolen money.

How do you look at it then?

– I am actually very proud of what I do, I have manipulated them. But really, I got it voluntarily. And as far as I know, it’s not illegal to be a gold digger.

In the eyes of the law, objectively, is this a crime you are dealing with?

– Although I do not think it is illegal.

But in the eyes of the law, that’s it.

– I do not care. There are worse things they can investigate.

Anja says that she intends to continue with her crimes. Can’t she stop?





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