Few Ukrainians find jobs in Finland

Getting a job in Finland has not been easy for recent .

Olga SilfverA volunteer from the Finnish Union of told STT that a few hundred Ukrainians who had fled their country due to the Russian invasion had found employment after arriving in the country.

It is unclear how many newly arrived Ukrainians , as the Ministry of and said it does not keep such records.

However, the authorities are aware that about 700 Ukrainians who have received temporary protection in Finland have registered as jobseekers in the national employment database.

After the Russian invasion, about 25,000 Ukrainians have applied for temporary protection from the Finnish authority Migr. About half of these individuals are of working age.

Earlier this month, Yle said that some Ukrainian who had fled to Finland relied on food offers from private individuals due to delays in processing temporary .

The employment rate of foreign-born people in Finland is currently the lowest in the OECD . About 27.5 per of all foreigners of working age are unemployed, compared with only 7.5 per cent of the native population.

Source: The Nordic Page

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