Large-scale solar park plans are underway in Eastern Finland

The municipality of Eastern called has announced plans to build a large solar power plant.

If the plans progress, it will be set up by 3Flash Solar in Linnankoski, Linnankoski, where the electricity network and distribution network are easily accessible.

The founder of the company, Miko Notesaid the location of the farm was affected by several factors.

"The most important thing is that the electricity connection is close and easily accessible," Helo explained.

According to current plans, the farm will have more than 100,000 solar panels with a peak capacity of about 40 megawatts under the most favorable conditions.

The number of end-to-end solar panels would be 120 km away.

Row of solar panels, file image.Jari Hakkarainen /

"We are talking about a large amount of electricity," Attention said.

Because there is no sunshine in the area during the colder months, the space is unable to obtain from the sun all year round. However, according to the municipality, the plant is well suited to generate electricity in daylight from March to the end of October.

3Flash Solar is responsible for financing the project and leasing the property from the landowners, bringing them rental income as well as property revenue. The municipality of Imatra is the largest landowner in the project, and there are two other property owners on the site.

Mayor of Imatra, Matias Hilden (Cen), welcomed the solar power plant.

"From the city’s point of view, the project will have a positive employment and economic impact on rental income and property taxes, and the need for zero-emission electricity will be high," Hilden said in a statement.

Imatra is not alone in its search for alternative energy sources.

The solar park planned by EPV Energia for Lapua in Southern Ostrobothnia will have 400,000 solar panels with a maximum capacity of 100 megawatts.

According to preliminary plans, the Imatra solar park should be operational by 2024.

Source: The Nordic Page




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