Vanhanen: Finland’s NATO membership would increase stability in the Baltic Sea region

The Speaker of the Finnish Parliament, (Cen), said that ’s pending membership will increase stability in the entire Baltic Sea region.

"We believe that Finland’s NATO membership would increase the stability of the Baltic Sea region and strengthen in the transatlantic region." he said, adding that Finland was "security producers, not consumers," and that the country’s decision to join the was not addressed to anyone in particular.

Vanhanen commented on the matter at the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in , , on Monday.

Finland and officially applied for NATO membership less than two weeks ago. Before they can be accepted into an alliance, all 30 NATO members must ratify their applications.

Vanhanen was invited to the session together with the Speaker of Parliament of his Swedish counterpart Andreas Norlén.

Vanhanen stated that Finland’s decision to apply for NATO membership was not taken lightly.

"The decision was based on a careful analysis of the security environment in the democratic process," he said, adding that its application has widespread support in Finland.

The NATO session was originally scheduled to be held in Kiev, but was moved to Vilnius due to Russia’s invasion of .

The purpose of the session is, among other things "to demonstrate the Assembly’s unwavering support for Ukraine and the Alliance’s determination to renounce all threats to NATO members and to defend every inch of NATO territory," the union said in a draft session.

Source: The Nordic Page

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